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Welcome to Zest Career Eduventure

ZEST was created in 25th December 2014 by the vision and toil of Mr. A. K. SINGH, in Gandhidham city. We had a very humble beginning as a forum for IIT-JEE & NEET, with a vision to provide an ideal launchpad for serious JEE & NEET aspirants. Along the way to the realization of this vision, we went beyond merely coaching for IIT-JEE & NEET. We actually started to make a difference in the way Students think and approach problems. We started to develop ways to enhance Students’ IQ. We started to leave an indelible mark on the Students who have undergone ZEST training. We started changing lives. And all this was not a sheer coincidence. It was the urge, the compelling desire, to Salway's aspire for perfection and in the process, continuously keep on setting newer benchmarks of excellence, which enabled us and our Students to achieve what we have achieved.

Today, aiming for the unachievable and continuously raising the bar has become a part of the ZEST DNA.

The Success of our Students was inspiring and so was their faith in ZEST. It was this faith that was a catalyst for our venturing into areas beyond ZEST. It was this faith that prompted us to embark on a mission to provide Wholesome School Education to Students through ZEST Integrated School Programs, in a way so that there was no need for any type of coaching outside of the School System. in this Student-centric endeavor to create Ideal School Education platform for Students to get admission in IITs, MEDICALs & US Universities without stress & tension along with huge success in Olympiads, NTSE. And it was this faith only that again enabled us to create landmark success in NTSE.

And it is this very faith that has again inspired us to provide a platform for Students aspiring for admission to US Universities - a comprehensive program taking care of all aspects of the preparation – in the same old, trusted ZESTway.

This Journey from just an IIT-JEE & NEET Coaching Institute, to the most powerful institute in serious education, has been exhilarating. However, Journey is not over yet. For us at ZEST, The Journey will never be over... For us, this Journey itself is the destination.


                                                                                                     - A P J ABDUL KALAM


dIrector's message

Director's Message

Amit Kumar Singh



ZEST CAREER EDUVENTURE PVT. LTD. Was established in 25th Dec. 2014 in Gandhidham city, Gujarat. Every moment in life is a fresh beginning. That brings with it the boundless joy of new possibilities. And the pleasure is compounded when you know, you are about to realized a lofty goal.

At the out get, we like to express our gratitude for the first you have placed in ZEST CAREER EDUVENTURE PVT. LTD. This is a golden age of preparation for life itself. At ZEST, value-based knowledge is the true aim of education that we impart to our students.

As parents, you definitely want the best for your child and we are happy to be working with you to make sure that are given the true knowledge to face the challenges in their career for IIT/JEE, NEET & AIIMS. An important rote ZEST plays at this end is to link this depth and breath of energy and experience to the enthusiasm and intelligence of this generation of achievers.

The talent and energy which our students possess need to be nurtured & sloped and channeled in the right direction. Our combined efforts would bring out, not only the best in their careers, but the best in their lives. In this way, we hope to support not only individuals but also the entire society from wishing you the very best.

We foster our students till they are ready to expand their wings and take a flight in the sky of life they dream of. we feel proud that our humble efforts on a basis have churned out Doctors and Engineers who have instrumental in fuelling the growth of our nation. We see the reflection of ZEST in the actions of all these Doctors and Engineers who were once a part of ZEST.

Even today we are busy clearing doubts and strengthening fundamentals of students in their subjects because these cleared doubts and strengthened fundamentals will strengthen the destiny of our nation. The destiny of ours actually lies in these hands that are holding the ‘mighty’ pen and with Zest, we can proudly say that their future is in safe and progressive hands.

With Best Regards

Our Values

Student first | Hard work | Accountability | Passion | Employee care |Integrity | Team work

Our Mission
Every student of ZEST becomes a success story.


“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value "- Albert Einstein



our inspiration

सततं कीर्तयन्तो मां यतन्तश्च  दृढव्रताः।

नमस्यन्तश्च मां भक्तया नित्ययुक्ता उपासते।।

Constantly chanting my names and glories and striving for my realization and bowing again and agin to me. Those devotees of firm resolve, over united with me through meditation, worship me with single minded devotion.

The years that are invested in learning and gaining knowledge cannot be got back. They must,therefore, be invested wisely. Children should be given proper guidance without which their careers would be grounded instead of flying high. Where fragile knowledge can wreck an individual’s career and life – true knowledge can strengthen one’s character manifold.

This is possible only if students are given the most relevant instructions, consistent guidance,monitoring, abundant facilities and above all the best faculty pool to justify all these.ZEST brings together the most eminent trainers, the most comprehensive study material, and a highly focused, uniquely intensive training methodology. It unlock the opportunities for Engineering and Medical aspirants by creating a versatile and competent learning system. It is the ideal destination that shapes minds and gives aspirants the most dreamt-of entry into  IIT's and medical colleges.




zest system





Syllabus of class VIIIth, IXth  Xth Std. will be finished by SEPTEMBER, Syllabus Coverage complete with in six month from session starting from April month.

All topic of class VIIIth, IXth, Xth Std. will be reviewed on the basis of competitive  examinations  including shortcut tips and tricks. Test will be conducted on the basis of different competitive exams.




 This session is very impressive for quick chapter wise revision and for check your boostup by part tests are followed by test analysis sessions 

Right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt clearing classes.

Comprehensive &throughly revised revision pack.

Regular feed backs 

Home assignments/ Practice Sheets. 




In this session full length test series for mathematics and science.

Testing improves metacognitive monitoring by giving student scores or self – assessment, they can better predict their knowledge and be more confident about what they know and what they need to know.

Testing provides feedback to instructors and lets them know what is learned or what is not.

Our benficial 6 Months  - 6 Days course for foundation 

Course  structure.


 Foundation (for VIIIth ,IXth and Xth )


Five year class room programme – for VIIIthStd.

Four year class room programme – for IXthStd.

Three year class room programme – for XthStd.