“Ensuring the best ways to deal with challenges”


ZEST has a pool of most talented teachers recruited from premier universities and the coaching industry the basic structure of ZEST is firmly built on a highly professional faculty team comprising a perfect blend of academicians and subject experts.

The qualifications and vast experience of the faculty members help make complex problems easy one for students.

Preparation of JEE (Mains & Advanced) is a collective of many components, which are all strategically placed in such a way that students can get ample of time for self – study revision.

All the practices conclude on giving student a sense of competive first environments giving then first hand feel to further develop their problem solving skills to excel their performance.


“Bringing very close to success”




Zest has been a trusted name and best institute for JEE (Main). With extensive in – depth study material and expert faculty, we provide the best IIT –JEE coaching to students. With a track record of producing top rankers, ZEST continues to remain the best IIT- JEE coaching centre. The curriculum is updated as per the latest patterns provided by IIT- JEE institutions.

The crux of the experience of our HODs and our senior faculties in handed over to the students in the form of study material, this material consists of detailed explanation and quality question bank for the over all grasping of topics. If you are looking for the best IIT coaching centre, get in touch with us and will be happy to assist you.



The portfolio of ZEST can undoubtedly be attributed to its decades – old undisputable stature in preparing future doctors from different states. Having conceived the most structured setup long , as a natural evolution for ZEST.

The customized approach makes a sought after and reliable destination for students coming from  any stream, be it CBSE, ICSE or State


Teaching material along accordance to the requirements of NEET / AIIMS and Board preparation overall teaching system and examination system is strategically based on concept building of students from zero level which also includes theoretical and guidance of students are a system is designed in such a way that students feel secured and motivated to achieve their best rank in NEET Exam.

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For  VIII   ,  IX,    X,   NTSE & OLYMPIADS





Transforming 'Person to Personality' through

Excellent in Academics :

Academic excellence has been identified with achieving high grades and superior performance. It is the maximum development of your intellectual capacities and skills in service to humanity.

The Three main Criteria of Development System.

Building Strong Foundation by continuous and comprehensive training  which lead to excellent performance of  student at school level studies.

Skill enhancement to complete various competitions like NTSE, NSTSE, NSO, IMO and various activities like seminar atdifferent national and international levels.

Interning students for various Govt. Olympiads NSEJS/B/A/C/P, RMO NMTC which will add on asset to their goals.

Foundation level Studies:


  • At this level, we have developed interactive learning techniques along with comprehensive & Concise study material

  • Special classes of mental ability that helps them in future exams like NTSE, Civil Services etc.

  • Regular Analysis through continuous exercises for topic

  • Detailed theory lessons for targeted competitive Exam.

  • Practice exercises which comprises of all question of various national examinations and similar patterns.

Study Material:


  • Study material has theory part which perfect blend of pictures and important notes. This course lays strong foundation for school exams and Olympiads through study modules. It has a concept map at chapter end which acts as one page summary of whole chapter. Study material has 3 levels of exercises –

  • Exercise – 1: Containing questions according to the pattern being asked in the school examinations.

  • Exercise – 2: Containing questions accordance to the examination and Olympiads.

  • Exercise – 3: Containing for previous year papers of competitive examinations.

Focused Learning Technologies:

  • Special batch for accelerated learners that includes regular classes for Govt. Olympiads which are conducted by HBCSE like NSEJS/B/A/C/P,  RMO & NMTC.

  • Classes covers mainly Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.

  • Workshops and seminars for boosting competitive temperament & securing good ranks in competitive exams.