Specially designed study material for National level exams & Govt. Olympiad Question Bank for competitive exams yearly planner 


(XI,XII, XII Passed)

  •  Study Material

  • DPP ( Daily Practice Paper)

  • Practice Test Paper

  • Online Test Series


(XI,XII, XII Passed)

  •  Study Material

  • DPP ( Daily Practice Paper)

  • Practice Test Paper

  • Medical Test Series


  • Our Content comprises of Key concepts & important theory points with illustrations to understand application of concepts.

  • Miscellaneous solved examples to develop problem solving skills.

  • Comprehensive study material with optimum number of questions.

  • Detailed course planner related to study material with its sequential approach.

  • Year Long Test Papers for the course plan.

  • Student zone on our website provides detailed analysis for students and important updates related to competitive examinations.

  • Sheets with extensive coverage of questions to ensure preparation for any pattern of examination.

  • Practice Tests to be taken at home to improve speed, accuracy & developing examination temperament.

  • Theory Part: The theory part has been redesigned with perfect blend of pictures, text and important notes. At relevant checkpoints, in theory exercises have been inserted to enhance the reading experience of a student.

  • The exercise serves a dual purpose. It is both Concept Building Exercise (CBE) and School Examination Preparatory (SEP) Exercise. They help students in absorbing the concepts included in the chapter in accordance with the school examinations.

  • Competitive Level Exercise: The questions of this exercise are in accordance to the level being asked in the National Level Competitive Examination, which make them ready to implement their learning in slightly higher-level questions.

  • Previous Year Questions:-This exercise consists of questions from previous year papers of competitive examination. This exercise is included for students to determine their current proficiency level of the chapters with respect to the competitive examinations.

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