Foundation level Studies:

  • At this level, we have developed interactive learning techniques along with comprehensive & Concise study material

  • Special classes of mental ability that helps them in future exams like NTSE, Civil Services etc.

  • Regular Analysis through continuous exercises for topic

  • Detailed theory lessons for targeted competitive Exam.

  • Practice exercises which comprises of all question of various national examinations and similar patterns.


  • Study material has theory part which perfect blend of pictures and important notes. This course lays strong foundation for school exams and Olympiads through study modules. It has a concept map at chapter end which acts as one page summary of whole chapter. Study material has 3 levels of exercises –

  • Exercise – 1: Containing questions according to the pattern being asked in the school examinations.

  • Exercise – 2: Containing questions accordance to the examination and Olympiads.

  • Exercise – 3: Containing for previous year papers of competitive examinations.

Focused Learning Technologies:

  • Special batch for accelerated learners that includes regular classes for Govt. Olympiads which are conducted by HBCSE like NSEJS/B/A/C/P,  RMO & NMTC.

  • Classes covers mainly Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.

  • Workshops and seminars for boosting competitive temperament & securing good ranks in competitive exams.